Trouble-Free Downspouts


For all the information that’s available about the importance of cleaning and maintaining your gutters, there’s very little available regarding the important of cleaning and maintaining your downspouts. That’s unfortunate, since your downspouts are arguably the most important component of your gutters, providing the link between the gutter and the ground. Basically, without the downspouts, you might as well not have gutters in the first place. Fortunately, keeping your downspouts in good condition isn’t a difficult task, so long as you complete regular maintenance to keep them operating at their peak.

The Right Size

When it comes to downspouts, bigger is better. The larger the size of the downspout, the more water than can flow through it during a heavy rain. Perhaps more importantly, a larger downspout also helps ensure fewer clogs, as there is more area for debris to fall through without getting hung up. Though bigger is better, you ultimately want to be sure that your downspout matches the size of your gutter. That’s why there are different sizes and shapes of downspouts, to ensure a perfect match that’s sure to provide maximum flow and no leakage.

Keep it Clean

Normally located at the end of a length of gutter, cleaning out your downspouts can be easy to overlook. However, especially where the gutter opens up to the downspout, there is often a large collection of debris that can prevent water flow, even if the rest of the gutter is clear.

One problem that can occur is if a nail or screw that attaches the downspout to the gutter protrudes too far into the downspout opening. This provides a prime location for sticks, leaf stems, and other debris to begin to collect, forming a nearly impenetrable plus that causes your gutters to overflow. Check all around this area to ensure every last bit of debris has been removed.

Another problem that can occur, especially if your downspout has a few twists and turns, is that debris collects in these angled pieces, again preventing water from flowing properly. Since it’s difficult to impossible to reach these areas, a simple garden hose with a spray attachment should provide enough force to dislodge the debris, restoring the proper flow of water. Preventing both of these problems from occurring can be accomplished by regular cleaning to ensure debris is removed before it has a chance to collect in large quantities.

Strong and Steady

The goal of your downspouts is to direct the water from your roof to a specific area that’s far away from your home’s foundation. If your downspouts come loose, though, this goal can be difficult to achieve. Since downspouts sit so low to the ground, they can often be hit by lawnmowers or other lawn care equipment while you’re doing other projects.

If the brackets attaching the downspouts to your home come loose, the force of the water during a rainstorm could cause the downspouts to send the water to places that could ultimately cause harm to your home or your landscaping. That’s why it’s important to regularly check your downspouts to make sure they are nice and tight.

If you do this regularly, a good way to remind yourself to do it is to do it after a heavy rain. That’s when the force of the water flowing down would result in any loosening. Simply check the brackets and if they’ve come loose, re-attach them using the existing nails or screws utilizing new holes.

With downspouts that are clean, solid, and sturdy, you can have peace of mind when the next storm hits that all that rain won’t be damaging your home.

Roof Problems: When To Repair Or Replace

Harsh weather in the fall and winter seasons take a toll on roofs. Sometimes the problem is obvious, like a significant leak, but other times the problems are more subtle. The first step to deciding whether your roof simply needs repairs, or needs to be replaced is to identify the problems.


Effectively Preparing Your Gutters For Winter


As a homeowner, it’s likely you understand the importance of keeping your gutters free from debris. A clogged gutter results in drainage issues that can damage your roof, exterior material, landscaping, drywall, carpet, and even your home’s foundation.

At certain times throughout the year, it’s obvious that your gutters need cleaning, such as in the spring when seed pods flutter through the air into your gutters, or in the fall when leaves quickly pile up and peak over your gutter’s edge. Another time, perhaps the most important time, to clean your gutters is at the end of the fall season, even into the beginning of winter. Don’t let the chilly temperatures scare you away, since not cleaning your gutters out now could still cause major damage to your home.

Why so late?

The leaves falling in autumn make an obvious case for cleaning out your gutters. Once you’ve gotten that done, though, why do you still need to at least check your gutters one more time before you call it quits until the spring? First, there’s always that one tree somewhere on or near your property that is stubborn with losing its leaves, and only begins dropping them after the other trees in the area are totally bare. These leaves alone could be enough to cause a problem.

Not to mention, even though the leaves have fallen, there could still be leaf stems, acorns from hungry squirrels, plus the sludge that accumulates in the bottom of your gutters from decaying debris. Taken together, these items are more than enough to cause clogged gutters. Therefore, you need to be patient and wait to make the “final move,” making sure you outlast all the different kinds of debris that can fall from the sky and end up in your gutters.

Why so important?

Even if the debris in your gutters isn’t enough to clog it up completely, it’s still important to thoroughly clean your gutters out before winter sets in. This is because any amount of debris in your gutters, no matter how small, can retain water in the gutters long after the precipitation is over.

In the winter, this moisture can freeze and expand, causing damage to your gutters, leading to the potential for damage to your home. Not to mention, if there is already ice in your gutters and more precipitation occurs, it will further restrict the flow of water through the gutters, leading to potential overflow. By removing all debris before any of this has a chance to begin, you ensure a trouble-free winter.

Why so cold?

The biggest factor keeping you off your roof to clean your gutters is probably the cold temperatures. High-up on your roof, less protection from wind can make even a semi-mild day seem downright frigid. The best way to avoid having to clean out your gutters this winter is by ensuring they are fully protected from debris to begin with.

Installing gutter protection not only saves you time, but also money, by ensuring your gutters drain water properly every time, and helping the gutters themselves to last longer than they would without protection. Even if it keeps you from having to go up on the roof when the weather is cold just one time, it will quickly prove itself to be worth every cent you invested.

Soffits And Fascias: Important But Overlooked Parts Of The Roof

Visual checks on your roof are important, but many homeowners don’t pay close attention to the fascias and soffits. Most of the time, it’s because of a lack of general knowledge on the importance of the two roof system terms.

In this article, let’s give due attention to these two roofing components that are so often overlooked. Rest assured that here at Uncle Skeeter’s Roofing, Siding & Gutters, fascias and soffits are in no way neglected.

Let’s get started.

Fascias: Appeal and Gutter Function

If you take a look at your roof, you’ll notice a vertical board that lies just under its edge. This part of the roof is the fascia. It is often made of treated wood, uPVC, or non-corrosive metal sheet. Since it is ea...

An Investment To Last For Years: Gutter Protection For Your Home

Can you remember the first time you stepped into your home, realizing that this piece of property is all yours? We’re sure the feeling is dreamlike, surreal even.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

And given that a house is likely to be the largest purchase for the average American, it is more than advisable that we do our best to take care of it. A lot of people are unaware of how their houses require regular maintenance and repair despite being built to last. Any structure is sure to deteriorate as time passes, left to weather the elements for decades. Don’t let neglect destroy your home.

Uncle Skeeter’s understands the value of every part of a home. And among the many parts of a home – from windows to doors, siding, and r...

Why Gutter Replacement Is More Serious Than You Think

If common knowledge is anything to go by, it’s that cleaning and maintenance are the only gutter work you’ll ever need. In most cases, especially in well-built and modern gutters, cleaning could keep the roofing feature in good condition. But if problems persist, you probably have to take a more drastic step: replacement.

Gutter replacement is a more serious matter than you think.

A Compromised Foundation

Leaky gutters, for one thing, could lead to significant water damage; your house’s foundation may be at stake. Clogged gutters, for another thing, can collapse the whole structure around the roof. Though most times, it only spills water around your property.

When the rainwater can’t flow out of the downspout, it just...

Choosing Roofing Materials That Suit Your Home

It might not be the most exciting remodeling project ever, but roof repair and replacements are as important as picking the right backsplash color, if not more so. Trust us, a leaking or caved-in roof does not make for a fun time.

There is a broad range of roofing choices available, each having attributes that should serve one or more of your needs. It could be budget considerations, durability, aesthetic, or even all three. Most people probably weigh cost a bit more than the others, and of course, low-cost roofing has shorter longevity compared to higher-priced ones. Roofing contractor Uncle Skeeter’s Roofing, Siding & Gutters agrees that finding the right balance between those is what you hope to achieve here.

For your consideratio...



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