Soffits and Fascias: Important but Overlooked Parts of the Roof

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Visual checks on your roof are important, but many homeowners don’t pay close attention to the fascias and soffits. Most of the time, it’s because of a lack of general knowledge on the importance of the two roof system terms. In this article, let’s give due attention to these two roofing components that are so… Read more »

An Investment to Last for Years: Gutter Protection for Your Home

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Can you remember the first time you stepped into your home, realizing that this piece of property is all yours? We’re sure the feeling is dreamlike, surreal even. Home Is Where the Heart Is And given that a house is likely to be the largest purchase for the average American, it is more than advisable… Read more »

Why Gutter Replacement Is More Serious Than You Think

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If common knowledge is anything to go by, it’s that cleaning and maintenance are the only gutter work you’ll ever need. In most cases, especially in well-built and modern gutters, cleaning could keep the roofing feature in good condition. But if problems persist, you probably have to take a more drastic step: replacement. Gutter replacement… Read more »

Choosing Roofing Materials That Suit Your Home

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It might not be the most exciting remodeling project ever, but roof repair and replacements are as important as picking the right backsplash color, if not more so. Trust us, a leaking or caved-in roof does not make for a fun time. There is a broad range of roofing choices available, each having attributes that… Read more »

Get Your Mind IN the Gutter: Why You Should Maintain Your Gutters

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A lot of us never really think of our gutters until they start causing problems. Even though we all know that problems caused by clogged gutters are easily preventable, we still put off cleaning them as much as possible. We understand that they are easy to overlook or put off for another day, but maybe… Read more »